Capturing Your LifeStory

Share Your LifeStory and Family History with your Loved Ones!

Ever sit on your grandfather’s knee, mesmerized by stories of the old days?

With so many of today's families living far apart, we're here to rescue and pass on these traditions and priceless life stories to your families.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve their unique family history.
But until now, there's been no easy, affordable way to do it.

We've led LifeStory workshops, published our "LifeJourney Books Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook," and now we're ready to capture your one-of-a-kind LifeStory online. Our new interactive platform invites you to rescue, preserve and pass on your precious life story and connect the generations. We'll also create a beautiful LifeStory book: the most meaningful gift anyone can give their child or grandchild. It's easy, fun and affordable.

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"Because Some Things Just Can't Wait."

Meet your LifeJourney Books Team


Deborah Fineblum comes to LifeJourney Books with over two decades of writing and editing experience and leading workshops for seniors. She has extensive experience in public relations, marketing and journalism, where her long-term beat was senior citizens. An author of 3 published books, including LifeJourney Book’s Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook, Deborah’s articles and columns have won numerous awards

Naomi Grossman headshot Web ready

Naomi Grossman is an experienced marketing and feature writer, editor and blogger. Over a 20-year career, she helped numerous clients develop marketing strategies and content and profiled many tech and real estate executives for industry publications. Naomi has been leading workshops for seniors for the past 8 years and is the author, with her co-founder, of LifeJourney Book’s Do-It-Yourself Memoir Workbook.

Devorah Headshot Color

Devorah Kosowsky has over 20 years’ experience in operations, development and marketing in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing, market research, to non-profits. She has previously worked in a market research start-up and has direct experience bringing a new methodology to market.

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