The LifeJourney Series

Each of our LifeStory projects empowers seniors to easily Capture, Preserve and Pass On their LifeStories and Family History:

  • My Lifestory Challenge: An adventure of self-discovery in an easy-to-navigate, warm and welcoming system. We travel with seniors back over their life, a journey they can now share with future generations. A wonderful way to warm up the memory “muscles” and get important buy-in from the family.

  • Tribute to a SuperStar: A book of appreciation every senior deserves in a milestone year. The gift includes a short bio introduction and the most precious memories collected from family members and “inner-circle” friends.

  • Undying Love: Whether your loved-one has been gone for 6 months or 26 years, this collection of special moments by those closest to them will keep them “alive” in the hearts of future generations.

  • My Favorite Things: From authors to movies to friends to music, this fun project is surprisingly revealing!

  • My Answers to Life’s Big Questions: A collection of deep-dive exercises that identify and celebrate the ‘hand’ each person was dealt and what they chose to do with it. A true gift of self-discovery and a Lasting Legacy for their loved ones.

  • A Half-Century of Love: The perfect gift for a 5oth anniversary, this is a collection of unforgettable memories, contributed by children, grandchildren, siblings and best friends.

  • Mama’s Kitchen: As warm and welcoming a place as Mama’s lap. Mama’s Kitchen is filled with priceless family recipes, each one accompanied by a special memory associated with that traditional dish.

Why LifeJourney Books?

  • The next generation needs to know on whose shoulders they stand and where they come from. Your priceless family history is their birthright.
  • With more older people online than ever before, our interactive, web-based platform will empower seniors everywhere to write their LifeStories - and to engage their families and loved ones in the process.
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